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Other Hotels managed by Josto

This is an apartment hotel located just behind the Navy quarters with lavishly furnished suites and obvious generosity with space to the delight of our guests and visitors. Looking for that classy, undisturbed serene environment and lifestyle apartment suite? This is your best destination in Abuja.

Josto Place 1 is a segment of the Josto brand at a more affordable price without compromising the quality of services. It has a swimming pool and large rooms.  Prices here are at a giveaway, for as low as ₦10,000.00! In order to have a fair share of the large hospitality market operating at this level.

Josto 2 which is about 150m from Josto 1 is of the same standard and management philosophy with Josto 1 in terms of pricing & service delivery.

About Us

Welcome to Josto Hotels.

Josto Hotels is a trailblazer in the Abuja hospitality industry… ( A subsidiary  of Josto Integrated  Investment Limited, a duly registered company in Nigeria  with a company number RC 1171928). Our investment choice is anchored on exceptional customer services.  We take pleasure in our diverse customer demography with different peculiarity and pockets of various sizes. Our current portfolio of outlets less than 600m from each other, all in Kado Abuja, no doubt, meet and exceed the taste and delight of our diverse clients . These outlets are Josto Apartments & suites, Josto Place 1, Josto place 2, and NAF conference Centre & suites. Our outlets are all state of the art facilities with a 24hours electricity supply & security of which we have a combination of one of the best private security outfits plus a team of police officers or soldiers depending on the outlet. Our team and driver of our mission are of diverse background, expatriates and indigenous.

From tight budget to luxury and lifestyle hotels, from brief visit to long stay guest and for family and group bookings for multiple bed room apartments.  Conferences & meetings to events & banquet our facilities are second to none. Josto hotels are truly everything. Right where you need it.


Here are some of the facilities present at the apartment

  • Security Guaranteed

  • Cable/satellite TV channels

  • Extra Large Rooms

  • 42 inch or larger TV

  • Free WIFI

  • 24-hour Concierge service