ABOUT JOSTO Hotels & Apartment

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ABOUT JOSTO Hotel & Apartments

Welcome to Josto Apartments and Suites.

We are a luxury short stay and long stay property located in Kado estate,  one of Abuja’s exclusive district. Rated in the top 10% 3-star hotels in the area, we offer the best services, ranging from easy access (ramp at the entrance), 24 hours power supply and security. We also offer free internet access. Josto Apartments provides you with efficient staff, good customer relationship and also an elevator that is accessible to all floors.

About us:

JOSTOS APARTMENTS AND SUITES is a luxury property equipped to fit your standards and provide a comfortable and luxurious stay for you. With a team of efficient staff ready to serve, our apartments are situated in a good location overall for vacations, recreation and getting around easily.

Looking for that classy and simple apartment that gives you the feeling of home and safety? Josto Apartments is the right choice.

All Rates are exclusive of 5% Vat

Subject to the prevailing rate of exchange.

Our Facilities


The restaurant offers a fine dining experience like no other. Our continental and the intercontinental menu is comprehensive and comprises dishes including the freshest meats. Our offerings change frequently to accommodate fresh seasonal ingredients so check back often for the most up-to-date menu.

The restaurant offers both A’la carte menu and buffets too and on special occasions, there are complimentary breakfast buffets. This is not restricted to in-house guests as visitors can join in on this for a certain charge.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert!


This offers a relaxation spot for in-house guest who needs a breath of fresh air and love to swim with pool beds that make relaxation easier and floaters, the swimming pool is one of the hotels exquisite spots. It is available for all ages, the pool is 4ft shallow and 8ft deep. There is a lifeguard available round the clock.



The hotel provides you with laundry services for a charge, easily accessible and efficient staff, speedy services.


The hall is located on the first floor and offers easy access. It is fully air-conditioned and has a balcony overlooking the hotel. It can be used for meetings, weddings, and events, for a cost, the hotel provides you with additional electric appliances such as the projector and public address speaker.


The hotel has a rooftop terrace that serves as a bar, guest can lounge and relax there with their drinks ranging from alcoholic to nonalcoholic. It can also be used to host small gatherings. It is truly the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the Abuja city skyline after a long day.


  • Free parking space
  • 24 hours security
  • Kid-friendly
  • CCTV camera and guaranteed surveillance
  • Lobby music speakers on all floors.
  • Emergency Exits on all floors