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Josto’s Place 2


Josto’s Place 2 is Located in a serene environment in the Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory, our hotel offers a truly unforgettable experience with easy access to the commercial district and tourist attractions of Abuja metropolis. Set on beautifully landscaped grounds, the hotel has an array of friendly workers and good customer relations, leisure facilities and 24 hours’ electricity and guaranteed security. Our services are very excellent with very attractive rooms and services. So whenever you are thinking of your next vacation or business trip call on us for your hospitable services.

Josto’s Place 1


Josto’s Place 1 is tucked in the serene setting of green and lush environment of Nigeria’s federal capital providing a panoramic view very conducive for relaxation. Josto’s Hotels beautiful location in the heart of Kado District of Abuja, Nigeria, our hotel offers a very attractive pocket friendly price and an easy access to the commercial district of Abuja and its tourist attractions, our prices are fitted to suit your budget and our workers are well cultured and professionally trained with the mindset that our customer is King. We are on 24hours electricity supply. All rooms are furnished to suit your state and provide you with state-of-the-art amenity for a comfortable stay. Discounts are offered to Early birds.

Josto APartment & Suite


Josto APartment & Suite is a luxury short stay and long stay property located in Kado estate, one of Abuja’s exclusive district. Rated in the top 10% 3-star hotels in the area, we offer the best services, ranging from easy access (ramp at the entrance), 24 hours’ power supply and security. Looking for that classy and simple apartment that gives you the feeling of home and safety? Josto Apartments is the right choice. Our luxury property is equipped to fit your standards and provide a comfortable and luxurious stay for you. With a team of efficient staff ready to serve, our apartments are situated in a good location overall for vacations, recreation and getting around easily.